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Assorted Marble Fruit Image

Italian Marble Fruit

& Alabaster Grapes

Italian Marble Fruit

Welcome to Italian Marble Fruit from Jordanwood.  Our imported Marble Fruit is hand-sculpted and hand-painted in the Carrara area of Italy where the famous quarries used by Michelangelo are found.  We are pleased to offer one of the largest and most elegant selections of sculpted Marble Fruit.

The production of Marble Fruit was developed by a single family in the early 20th century.  No longer confined to a single family, today the creation and production of Marble Fruit has become a cottage industry among a number of exquisite craftsman.

There are multiple steps in the creation of this life-like fruit.  First, raw chunks of white marble are carved, chiseled and shaped into the likeness of an Apple, Pear, Persimmon or other piece of fruit.  After a perfect likeness of the fruit has been created, the sculpted piece is heated in an oven and a coating of wax is applied.  Minerals and natural dyes are then applied to the warm wax.  Depending on the individual piece a natural fruit stems may be added to the fruit as a realistic accent.  The result is a piece of fruit that is life-size and realistic in form, color, and texture.  You won’t believe it is not real.

Michelangelo created his famous masterpieces from the quarries of the Carrara area and you too can have beautiful Marble Fruit from this same area.

Italian Alabaster Grapes

Our stunning Alabaster Grapes imported from the medieval town of Volterra, Italy are equally as beautiful as our imported Italian Marble Fruit.  Our Alabaster Grapes are arranged on beautiful natural vines and are available in a number of different sizes and colors.

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